Suzhou eCO2 Laser Co.,ltd which is a new technology enterprise that specializes in the reseach,development and production of CO₂ laser tubes,Suzhou eCO2 Laser company funded by Tianhong laser in the end of 2017.

On the 20th October 2015, SPI Lasers UK Ltd., a subsidiary of the Trumpf Group, has sold its CO₂ laser business to Suzhou Tianhong Laser Co. Ltd.(JK™ Lasers of GSI CO₂ business).SPI Lasers acquired the established CO₂ laser business previously operated by JK Lasers from GSI Group in April.SPI lasers also acquired tianhong laser established CO₂ business.

Suzhou eCO2 Laser company retained the original technology team and continued to sell and develop its suite of industrial CO₂ lasers.

We keep original GSI same manufacturing processes,debug technology and quality standards to produce with unparalleled beam quality and efficiency as well as longlife CO₂ laser tube.The worlds leading technology and performance,its widely used in the automotive industry, aircraft manufacturing, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, and military, medical and other advanced fields.Our laser products earn high reputation in the market.

The company has always been adhering to the "The  quality is the first ,The Credit is the top " business purpose,Forward to as the cornerstone of quality and credibility,As well as take the lead and quality as the goal,Relying on Technological Innovation and scientific management to providing best products and services to global customers.

 Suzhou Tianhong Laser Co.,Ltd was founded on Jan 9th ,2001.It’s high-tech enterprise for industrial laser system and a commitment unit of national 12th five-years plan of “High Power and Picosecond Laser Industrialization Application Project”. As one of the most professional and experienced industrial laser system manufacturer in Eastern China, it has main laser systems as small and medium power, laser welding system, CNC laser cutting system, laser precision processing system, automatic system and laser 3D remanufacturing system.
   Working with national famous universities and institutes, including Suzhou University, Tsinghua University and Hefei Material Science institute of CAS, Tianhong Laser always strives for technology study and development. Trough joint efforts, it established provincial technology study center, join in national main projects including “863”project, provincial technology supporting project, provincial technology transfer project etc which lays solid foundation for its long-term technology research and development. We make commitment to providing complete solutions to customers worldwide, supplying suitable laser systems with high precision, high stability and high performance to meet different requirements in prevailing market and leading industrial laser development.
   Quality is first and service is foremost. Tianhong laser strictly follows ISO 9001:2008 quality system and take top priority of every machine and customer.
   On Jan ,24,,2014,we successfully finish IPO(Initial Public Offering).Stock code:430549;Stock name:TIANHONG LASER


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Address:No.66 Tonghe Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China